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Motivating The Majority of Employees

Bob Dylan's lyrics, "clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you", seem to fit many workplaces. According to many leadership studies, 20% of all workers are self-motivated achievers. Another 20% are marginal and do not set goals; or if they do, the goal is not going ton stretch them enough to achieve any meaningful results.

This leaves 60% of all workers looking to management for motivation. Typical management on America is focusing on the bottom 20% instead of focusing on the middle 60%. I think our efforts are much better spent on the 60%.

In order to make a meaningful difference with that 60% you must develop a leadership style that will be seen as sincere. Traits that have shown real results for others include:

Leading By Example - Maintain organization with your responsibilities, share with your staff when you are getting additional training, admit when you make a mistake and share how you are fixing the mistake.

Communicating - People like to know they make a difference. Communicate clearly and publicly what positive outcomes have resulted from someone's actions. Communicate privately when someone has mad a mistake.

Commitment - If you don't care about your center or school, why will your employees? Show your passion; be competent, capable and productive.

Respect Employees As Professionals - If you want to earn the respect of your employees, you must show them respect as well. If you want them to conduct themselves as professionals, you must conduct yourself professionally. Through mutual professional respect you can teach your employees to think for themselves.

Promote Personal Growth - utilize training, coaching and encouragement to assist your employees' personal growth. Through this process you will develop self-sufficient, self-motivated employees - inching them out of the 60% in the middle and into the 20% at the top.

If you spend your time policing the bottom 20% you won't have the time to develop the middle 60%.

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