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The Traits of Super Employees And How To Cultivate Them

Every child care owner knows it takes tremendous effort to find and keep great employees.

Great employees share many of the same traits and, as an employer, when you recognize these traits in an employee, you should reward and reinforce them. Additionally, you should always be looking to develop these traits in your staff.

The paragraphs that follow detail the traits that set great employees apart from the rest, and ways you can reward and cultivate these behaviors.

Great employees enthusiastically learn all aspects of a business. To facilitate learning and growth, invest in material, classes and seminars that can further your employees knowledge and expertise - and encourage participation.


They treat the company like it's their own. They are selfless and prudent in assessing the risks and rewards of any situation. By being as transparent as possible and sharing information (financil, goals, values, business philosophy, etc.) you make it easier for employees to make correct decisions.

They create opportunities. They see company growth as a collective effort and contribute however they can, whether by networking or recommending clients. Be sure this behavior is openly recognized, encouraged and rewarded.

They resolve issues quickly. Great employees make positive changes proactively. They are always on the lookout for ways to make improvements. By articulating a clear vision of the direction you want the company to be taking and encouraging initiative, you empower employees and create an environment where they feel safe to make positive changes.

They tell the truth. They don't hide bad news, but bring it to your attention promptly, before major damage occurs. You can facilitate this by not only maintaining an environment where people are permitted to tell the truth, but by requiring it.

They maintain high standards. Without constant supervision or difficulty, they perform tasks as you would. By being an example of high performance with minimal drama, you set the tone. Those employees who achieve the same should be openly and publicly acknowledged and rewarded.

They grow and help[ ohers to do the same. They lead by example and are always there to help co-workers achieve more. Encourage personal growth and education and provide opportunities for it.

They improve without direction by seeking to learn more and exploring options. No one knows everything, but great employees are always learning. Encourage and reward the findings such explorations yield.

They foster happiness. Great employees are not Pollyannas who are always peaches and cram, but they understand human dynamics and know how to combine lif, work and friendship. They understand people and stress and are able to bring out the best in others. They share their positivity even in stressful times and help create a happy workplace. By allowing people to express themselves and encouaging them to work hard to fulfill their dreams, you create an environment where positivity and happiness can flourish.

They make their bosses better. Their actions reate a stimulating environment wherein all strive for betterment. By showing genuine appreciation for any of the behaviors listed above, you allow people to feel valued and their efforts worthwhile.

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