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Part 2

This continuation of our examination of Return To Work Mistakes focuses on employee's health status.

Many employees' health issues contribute to their injuries. The health issue can cause the injury or it can complicate or delay recovery. Some of the health issues that should be considered include: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, back conditions, knee or hip injuries and many more.
The best way to comply with The Americans With Disabilities Act while also protecting your business is to know the conditions your employees have, while simultaneously obtaining doctor's certification of their physical fitness to do th job. Doctors can certify ability when you provide a specific job description with specific physical requirements. We discussed job descriptions in Part 1.
If you have an employee with a pre-existing medical issue sustain an injury on the job, it is important to let the workers compensation adjuster know about it from the beginning. Knowledge allows the adjuster to steer the claim towards the best, fastest outcome.
The basis of a successful Return to Work program is a pro-active employer. By gathering knowledge in advance and sharing it when appropriate, you are being pro-active.
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Watch for Part 3 of Return To Work Mistakes That Will Cost You.
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