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Daycare Owner Leaves 3-Year-Old in Van

Paducah, Kentucky daycare owner Taneshea Young faces criminal charges for leaving a 3-year-old alone in her van. The child was discovered
sleeping in the Children's Creative Learning Center van by employees of the auto dealership where Young had taken it for service. Young will
have to defend against a third-degree child abuse charge filed against her by the McCracken District court.
Fortunately, the child was unhurt, but the dangers of leaving a child in a vehicle can be catastrophic. The child can suffer a heat stroke (hyperthermia) that can result in permanent disability or death.
Between 1998 and 2009, 445 children died from heat stroke after being left unattended in a vehicle. This averages out to 37 preventable deaths each year. Always remember to check for sleeping children before leaving your vehicle.
Heat poses more danger to children than adults since children's bodies heat up 3 to 5 times faster than adults. A child's core body temperature can even accelerate at these rates on days with mild temperatures, if the child is left in a car. Heat stroke begins when the core body temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit and can cause permanent injury or death. A core body temperature of 107 Fahrenheit is lethal.

2-Year-Old Swallows Push Pin and Dies - Child Care at Fault?

In the morning Jessica Davis dropped her 2-year-old son Jacorey off at Trina's Treehouse child care in Louisville, Kentucky. At 1:45 p.m. she received a call that Jacorey had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital.

The coroner's office says 45 minutes after he became unresponsive, Jacorey was pronounced dead.

"They were trying to pump him, trying to get him back to life," said Davis. "It was nothing they could do."

It wasn't until days later that the family found out Jacorey had swallowed a push pin. Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Jim Wesley said the toddler died after it blocked his airway.

Now, Wesley said, the question is did Jacorey swallow the push pin at child care or somewhere else?

Grandmother Finds 8-Month-Old With Mouse in Her Mouth at Child Care

When 8-month-old Alanah Barba's grandmother, a volunteer at the child care center Alanah attends in Newark, New Jersey, arrived at work she discovered the child with a dead rodent in her mouth.

Alanah's mother, Britanny Barba, told reporters that, "Lately she's been vomiting. Everything she's eaten, she's throwing it back up."

The Newark mother has pulled her child from the center and believes the staff is too lax. "Who was watching her?", she asked.

Apologizing for the incident, the center's director said staff members he spoke to told him the child must have gobbled up the vermin when teachers weren't looking.

He said he called the state health department to the center for advice on how to fight the pest problem, and promised that an exterminator would now visit the center twice a month, rather than once a month.

2-Year-Old Girl Left in Closed Child Care Center

When the staff at a Riviera Beach child care center closed the facility for the night on Thursday March, 22nd, they forgot something.

That "something" was 2-year-old Sa'Myra Brown.

When the toddler's father, Tavaris Brown, arrived to pick her up at 5:45 he found the gates to the property locked. Unable to reach any of the staff by phone, he then called the police to report his daughter missing.

Officers arrived, broke through the gate and began peering through windows for the child. One of the officers spotted the toddler and smashed a window to get inside. The girl had been alone, in the dark, for hours.

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