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Improperly Transported 3-Year-Old Run Over By Child Care Director

Following an incident where a 3-year-old child, Emma Moore, was hit by a truck after an employee at Omega Daycare drove her and another child to a restaurant, the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) has issued an order for intended emergency closure of the center.

Reg Griffin, chief communications officer for DECAL, said in a statement, “Our investigation has shown that this center was responsible for improperly transporting two children to a restaurant without their parents’ permission. The director of the center later hit one of the children with her truck and then drove over the child. The child was treated at a local hospital and later airlifted to a hospital in Macon. Our thoughts are with the child and her family.”

Griffin went on to say the center reported the incident the day after it occurred and that the provider was appealing the order of emergency closure. However, later in the day, Griffin sent an e-mail statting that the owner withdrew the appeal, He was unsure why.

Unsecured Handgun Leads To Toddler's Death

At a former childcare center in Henderson, North Carolina, two year old Timothy Atwater Jr. accidentally shot himself with an unsecured handgun that was left lying on a countertop. He was taken to the Maria Parnham hospital where he was pronounced dead. www.newsobserver.com/...raleigh-toddler-dies-in-accidental.html

It was originally reported that this tragedy occurred at a childcare center, but Lori Walston, a spokesperson for the North Carolina Department of Child Development, said the owner chose to close the facility in November of 2008.

This is an unfortunate incident of the worst type and one that should never have happened. Childcare center or not, guns should be locked and secured in areas that are completely inaccessible to children, not lying on a countertop. Adults have a duty to protect the children in their care.

Incidents such as this are resulting in stricter screening procedures for both childcare centers and their workers. Lend your support to any efforts to strengthen childcare licensing and screening procedures. By stepping further away from the old “babysitting” stereotype we will get a higher level of professional respect from the community.

While no reasonable childcare provider, or any responsible adult, would leave a handgun in reach of a toddler, perhaps this incident can teach us all to be more conscious of what we leave lying about. Something as innocent as scissors or even a pair of pliers can be a dangerous temptation for any toddler.

Baby Bitten Twenty Times At Child Care

With seven children and one on the way Jeanette Mojica is familiar with child care; in fact she works for one catering to disabled children. However, the Little Rock Arkansas mother is now accusing a child care center of negligence after finding her 11-month-old daughter with bite marks all over her body.

She took her baby to the hospital where doctors counted close to twenty bites on the child. Mojica filed a police report and the Department of Human Services has opened an investigation.

"She's got blood coming out of this one here on her forehead, she's got all these bite marks here and of course all these on her arms," Mojica pointed out to a reporter of KTHV news in Little Rock. http://www.todaysthv.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=115732&catid=2

The television news crew went to the day care center to get their side of the story, but reported those inside the building refused to open the door and telephone calls went unanswered. They were able to speak with someone the next day who identified herself as the director. She told them these things happen all the time.

Julie Munsell with the Department of Human Services says, "Children do at certain ages bite each other, I mean that's part of the way they express themselves, quite frankly. So that's not so disconcerting in and of itself. What's disconcerting is the scope."

Munsell says the center is currently in compliance with licensing rules, but that hasn't always been the case. "There have been quite a few violations cited for various things, some staffing, and some documentation over the past couple of years," said Munsell.

Munsell went on to say the child care facility reported the incident to DHS before the hospital did.

The Florida Consent Law

On a sunny day the children are playing outside when suddenly heat lightning strikes the corner of your building's roof knocking a chunk of concrete loose. It falls,hitting a child in the head. The injury is severe.

You ride to the hospital in an ambulance with the child. You can't reach either parent or the emergency contact person. You keep trying after arriving at the hospital, but you're not getting any answers. The doctor appears telling you that there's bleeding in the brain and they too are unable to reach the parents or any relatives. They must operate immediately.

Do you give consent?

Can you give consent?

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