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Baby Bitten Twenty Times At Child Care

With seven children and one on the way Jeanette Mojica is familiar with child care; in fact she works for one catering to disabled children. However, the Little Rock Arkansas mother is now accusing a child care center of negligence after finding her 11-month-old daughter with bite marks all over her body.

She took her baby to the hospital where doctors counted close to twenty bites on the child. Mojica filed a police report and the Department of Human Services has opened an investigation.

"She's got blood coming out of this one here on her forehead, she's got all these bite marks here and of course all these on her arms," Mojica pointed out to a reporter of KTHV news in Little Rock. http://www.todaysthv.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=115732&catid=2

The television news crew went to the day care center to get their side of the story, but reported those inside the building refused to open the door and telephone calls went unanswered. They were able to speak with someone the next day who identified herself as the director. She told them these things happen all the time.

Julie Munsell with the Department of Human Services says, "Children do at certain ages bite each other, I mean that's part of the way they express themselves, quite frankly. So that's not so disconcerting in and of itself. What's disconcerting is the scope."

Munsell says the center is currently in compliance with licensing rules, but that hasn't always been the case. "There have been quite a few violations cited for various things, some staffing, and some documentation over the past couple of years," said Munsell.

Munsell went on to say the child care facility reported the incident to DHS before the hospital did.

Mojica said, "I'm thinking it was negligence. I'm thinking she was not supervised for a long time."

There are many details missing from this televised news story. Was the mother notified prior to picking her child up? Is there anything meaningful in the fact that the center's report arrived at DHS before the hospital's? Didn't the police immediately contact DHS when the mother reported the incident? Didn't the baby scream when biitten? Why weren't those cries heard? Responded to? Why didn't the center seek help for the baby when they noticed her head was bleeding from a bite?

One detail certainly seems evident. There should have been enough supervision to keep an 11-month-old child from being bitten twenty times.

The moral to this sad tale? Supervise, supervise, supervise...and then supervise some more.

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