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Child Care Driver Arraigned For Choking & Throwing 7-Week-Old Son

In Salem, Massachusetts, Dario Finkel, who works as a driver for Terri's Little Puppies child care center, has been accused of shoving a baby wipe down his 7-week-old son's throat and throwing the infant.

Arraigned on charges of attempted murder, child endangerment and assault, he is being held without bail and has been ordered to stay away from his son and the baby's mother for one year.

Remarkably, hospital officials report the baby is in good condition.

It takes little to imagine what could have happened had a child Finkel was driving irritated him. Not only could his uncontrolled rage have resulted in a child's injury or death, but the demise of the company that employed him as well.

North Carolina Child Care Worker Charged With Assault Caught on Video

Police in Kannapolis, North Carolina have arrested child care worker Whitney Belk and charged her with five counts of assaulting children.

Police say the assaults occurred over the past several weeks at the child care center where Belks is employed.

Officers were alerted by parents whose children came home complaining. Investigators say Belk was seen on the center's video surveillance system mistreating five different children.

The center's administrator said that upon checking the video Belk was fired and they are fully co-operating with the investigators.

Duct Tape and Safety Pins

The recent child abuse cases brought against a Kentucky child care worker who duct taped a toddler to the floor and a Minnesota day care provider who pinned infants to mattresses, highlights several ongoing child care concerns.

In Ludlow, Kentucky a day care was closed in the midst of an investigation over a worker who allegedly taped a toddler to the floor. Police say the 20 year old woman is accused of using duct tape to restrain an 18-month-old child and has been charged with one count of criminal abuse.


Kentucky's Cabinet for Health and Family Services has suspended the day care's license for this location.

In Minnesota a woman who ran a family child care service from her home faces similar charges for using safety pins to pin an infant's bed clothes to the mattress and the baby's hands behind her back.

Child Care Center Says Lawyer Should Pay $40,000 EEOC Settlement

A former child care worker will get $40,000 as part of a settlement to end a retaliation suit stemming from a 2009 federal job-bias claim.

But who actually pays -- and how much -- has become a point of contention.

Atlanta's Starr's Mill Academy and Preschool Center and its former attorney, Nicholas Garcia, signed an agreement saying they would pay to settle the case brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

But now, Starr’s Mill Academy says it isn’t paying. Owners Glenn and Ramell Dinofer said, through their new attorney this week, that payment is Garcia's obligation.The Dinofers claim Garcia gave them bad legal advice.

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