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Cocoa Childcare Driver Leaves Child In Van

Just weeks after a similar incident in Kentucky, 33-year-old child care worker Rondalyn Dixon of Cocoa, Florida, was arrested for accidentally leaving a child locked alone in the center's van. She was charged with one count of child neglect for accidentally leaving the 19-month-old toddler inside the van after bringing a group of children home for the day.

The child's mother contacted authorities when her child failed to arrive home and she found the child care center closed. Deputies said they noticed a van parked next to the business and saw the child lying on the floor under the back seat. A deputy broke one of the van's windows to free the child who was then rushed to Wuesthoff Hospital with a 102-degree temperature.

Fortunately, as in the case in Kentucky, the child survived and was released to go home by hospital doctors.

"Dixon left the child in the van after taking several children from the day care to their parent's homes," deputies said in a news release. "Dixon attempted to make contact with the victim's parents at their residence unsuccessfully and continued on her route."

Deputies said Dixon did not realize the child fell asleep on the floor of the van and unknowingly locked the victim inside after returning to the #childcare center.

Dixon was brought to the Brevard County Jail under $5,000 bond.

Children can die very quickly when left inside a hot car. It's best to know how not to leave a child forgotten in a vehicle.

  • Make, keep and update a list of children who are being transported.
  • Know the number of children being transported. Count them before departure, at arrival and/or drop-off.
  • Do a roll call when departing and arriving.
  • Walk around the van or bus before locking the vehicle. Be sure to look under the seats as well as on the seats.
  • If you have trouble remembering to check the back seat(s), leave your purse, cell phone or wallet there when you get into the car. You'll make a habit of checking in no time.

It's easy to fall into routines. Better to fall into the routine of looking after children than looking for them.


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