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 County Places Center On Probation

When the Largo KinderCare Learning Center staffers locked up Friday to go home for the weekend, they failed to check all the cribs and left a sleeping 11-month-old boy behind.
When the boy's father arrived at 7:15 p.m., the center had been closed for half an hour. Unable to get in, he called a supervisor who returned to let him in. The boy was unharmed.
This incident has resulted in the Pinellas County Licensing Board issuing violations and placing the center on probation for the next six months. While the county regularly inspects child care facilities every six months, during probation the center will be inspected monthly.
"It's completely unacceptable. These kinds of things simply can't happen," Pinellas County child care licensing supervisor Jorie Massarsky said.
Massarsky said in her nine years as licensing supervisor, this is the first time she has seen a child left behind inside a Pinellas County center. Child care employees are required by law to complete paperwork daily showing that every child has been released to a parent or guardian. KinderCare employees filled out the form but didn't sweep the building, Massarsky said.
The incident wasn't reported until the following Monday, resulting in another violation. In cases of suspected neglect or abuse, child cares must immediately contact the Florida Abuse Hotline.
While no criminal charges were filed in connection with the incident, the center received seven violations; two of which were critical.
Company spokeswoman Colleen Moran said the employees involved in the incident have been fired.
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