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 The Forgetfulness Flood

Over the years, I've written many times about water inside a school. The typical causes is of this type of claim are either the washing machine hose breaking or a toy being flushed down the toilet. These claims are always ugly for the school and the insurance company. The key is to get the baseboards off the walls and completely dried out to avoid mold in the future.
Here is a completely new way to flood a school. Unfortunately, it happened to one school this year. It's closing time. Your closer has just finished mopping the floor. They are rinsing the mop out in the mop sink. The last co-worker in the building asks the closer to lock the door behind them because their hands are full. Your closer walks away from the mop sink leaving the water running. Your employees get involved in a chat and it takes 5 minutes for your closer to finish the chat and lock the door.
At this point your closer forgets they have the mop in the mop sink. She believes she has completed all the closing tasks, so she goes and gets her purse and lets herself out of the building...leaving the water running.
The next morning your opener comes into a school with 3 inches of water in the building. The process of drying out your building commences. Your school might end up closing for several days while the work is done. Clearly this is not beneficial for your school. You've got an insurance deductible to pay and may end up losing families if you're shut during the clean up and restoration.
The best way to avoid this issue is to share this story with your closing staff and raise their awareness.
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