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Want Some Fries With That?
Who doesn't want some fries from time to time? The vast majority of us indulge our fast food cravings from time to time. However as a school owner or administrator, it is important you make sure your drivers are not indulging that guilty pleasure when driving your vehicles.
In one case, the driver just couldn't resist the longing for their favorite fast food lunch. They left school early enough to go through the drive through prior to arriving at their first pick up location. Unfortunately, the mini-bus they were driving exceeded the height restriction and the bus ripped down the drive through sign and canopy.
This resulted in over $5,000 of damages to the restaurant.
Guess who is responsible for that damage. Did you guess the driver? If so, you're wrong.
Did you guess the school? If you did, you're absolutely correct.
Whether you agree with America's legal precedents or not, our judicial system says, "since the driver is working on behalf of the school", the school is responsible for the driver's actions.

How An Employee Reference Can Land You In Court

I am old enough to remember the days when you could give an honest assessment of an ex-employee when contacted by another potential employer. Today, if you get that referral call and you are completely open with your opinion, you can get sued.
I know of several cases where a person didn't get a job because the old employer said unflattering things about the person. The individual then went and got lawyers, sued and succeeded in getting money awarded in court.
So, it's important for you to know what you can and cannot say when you're contacted for a referral. Here is the short list of information you can safely provide:
  • Dates the employee worked for you.
  • Job title when they started working for you.
  • Job title when they left your employ.
  • Are they eligible for rehire; yes or no only.

Children Ridiculed On Instagram

In August two Virginia child care workers were fired for posting photos of children on Instagram along with mocking and disparaging commentary.  
A worker at Heavenly Haven Learning Center 2 posted a picture of a nearly 3-year-old boy with delayed speech development. The photo shows Ethan Jordan sitting in a high chair looking downhearted. http://edition.cnn.com/2013/08/20/us/instagram-day-care-photos/?hpt=hp_t3
The photo was posted by @mz_oneofakind -- later identified as Jena Ferrel, who worked at the center. In her caption to the photo she wrote,"I'm sick of this s***!!!"
Heavenly Haven’s manager also commented on the picture of Ethan, posting, "He is thinking cuz sure can't talk."

Lost Driver Fails To Call Or Answer Phone
A Newark, New Jersey child care center had several hours of worry when a bus carrying students on a field trip failed to arrive at the destination.
Shaun Linton, director of My Place Child Care, said two buses left the facility at 9:15 a.m. to take children on a field trip to a Walnut Creek farm in Holmes County. The ride from the child care center should have taken an hour and 15 minutes.
While the first bus arrrived at the farm, the second bus, with nine children on board as well as the driver, never made it.
The driver of the first bus, after arriving at the farm and waiting for a short while, notified Linton that the other bus had not arrived.

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