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Avoiding the Ego Trap

Does your website, brochures, ads and promotional material mention your company name, or use the word 'we'?

Even worse, do they mention these words repeatedly?

If they do, you should re-write them.

If that sounds harsh, bear in mind that your prospects are only interested in what you can do for them.


They are not interested in you. Not until they are seriously thinking about doing business with you.

Asking For Leads


People tend to do business with the same places as their friends and relatives.

And you can, and should, take advantage of this fact.

Think about how many clients you have. If each one gave you one name to chase, what would this lead to?


You never know when a client's brother/sister/cousin/friend may have a child who needs care or is unhappy with their current arrangement. Unless you ask.

eCommerce and the Child Care Industry

Every day more and more people are surfing the Internet by mobile phone or app.

This is frequently referred to as either eCommerce or mCommerce.

Here's how to tap into this market:

You can create a mobile style sheet for your website, so someone can surf to www.m.yoursite.com and see a version of your site optimized for mobile viewing.

Marketing Ideas For Child Care Providers

One of the best things any child care provider can realize about promoting their business is that you can not rely on just one thing. You have to use several different means and the wisest use every available means. Your goal is to get your name out there as much as possible and anything that accomplishes that is to your advantage.

Flyers and printed materials are great if you post them in businesses that are somehow related to children (pediatricians, children hairstylists, child dentists, dance and sport instructors, toy and clothing stores, etc). Ask every place that qualifies if you can leave your flyer or business cards in their office. Always offer to return the favor by displaying or handing out their material at your location.

If you can cross-promote with a business that provides a promotional item (dentists for example,often provide a bag with a toothbrush and their business card) you not only gain an ally, but build goodwill with your clients and prospects when they receive their "freebies".

Gas stations, parks and schools are also great places to post flyers, but make sure doing so doesn't violate any city ordinances and , of course, always get permision to post them first.

Create ads everywhere you can online and be sure to include all your contact info and a link to your website. There are many free places online that help you create at least a basic ad. Craigslist, ebay classifieds, sales spider, Angies list, care.com, yahoo classifieds, yellow pages, google local and iNetGiant are just a few.

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