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The Do's and Don'ts of Email Marketing - Part 2

Last week we left off with number 8 of the Do's for email marketing. We now pick up with number 9.

9. Add user-generated content - personalize the e-mail specifically to the user. This makes it more relevant to them. If you want to know what this looks like when it is done well sign up to Expedia.

10. Keep the message simple - Email message broadcasting should be seen as a means to an end - the end being a contact with your prospect or a visit to your website. Long messages raise the threshold at which a response is likely. Keep the reason for emailing at the forefront of the message.

11. Keep the creative simple - Try to ensure the whole message can be seen on one screen, including response mechanisms. Do not use lots of different font sizes and typefaces - it confuses and detracts from the message. Make sure that graphics are hosted so that the file size is kept to a minimum - preferably less than 25kb.

The Do's and Don'ts of email Marketing - Part 3

This is the third, and final part, of the Do's and Don'ts of email marketing. This week we'll cover the final two Do's (numbers 18 and 19) and all five of the Don'ts.

18. Track everything - Open rates, unsubscribes, clickable-links, emails received, telephone and faxes received. Simply tracking the clicks is only half the story. Monitor what happened when the click-through occurred on the website, as well as your sales call cenetr. Measure success: look at the open rate, cost/acquisition, conversion rate, CTR, ROI. Track all e-mails.

19. Get the timing right - Do not broadcast over night to B2B databases as the first thing that will happen the following morning is that the message will be deleted. Tuesdays through Thursdays have proved to be the most responsive for B2B broadcasts. Sending a message on a Friday afternoon to consumers has proved very successful.Use Google Analytics to find peak time of visitors to your website and send e-mails then.

Don't Be Fooled

Something that almost all of us have in common is a love of the new.

There's much to be said for new things. In advertising they can utterly transform your marketing. Radio, TV, databases, the computer and personalization all did.

And now, online (or digital) has done so too.

But we mustn't let our love of the new blind us to an important truth.

We assume that something new changes the rules. Nowhere is this more common than among people who are trying out online marketing. However, the majority of online marketers ignore something very important: The power of a genuinely personal message.

Captions and Paragraphs

Research shows that the captions under pictures are read nearly as much as headlines.

Therefore, if you have pictures in your ads, brochures, website, emails etc. make certain to use captions.

And make sure to use those captions to sell. Make them sharp, to the point one-liners.

If you are using multiple pictures, try to create a complete sales message with your captions. Be certain each caption makes a particular point.

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