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One of the top marketing executives in the country likes to tell the story of two companies in the same business, in the same city, that he visited on the same day. He had advertising proposals ready for both of them.

The first company spent six months trying to tweak the copy he wrote, holding conferences and debating the merits of various forms of advertising. The second company proceeded immediately with the suggested marketing plan.

Today that second company is the leading company in their field. The marketing guy claims it wasn't his efforts that got them there, but the company's own marketing philosophy. That philosophy boils down to two things.

First, they believe they should communicate more than any other company in their field. When the marketing whiz asked their director of marketing how long they continued mailing, e-mailing and contacting prospects he replied, "Forever or until they choose to do business with us."

Secondly, they don't waste time and effort debating endlessly whether something is worth trying. They get on with it. Renowned marketer Richard Benson states that there are two solutions to every problem. Number 1, test everything. Number two, refer to number 1. Companies often test which messages will get the best response. They do this to eliminate useless, time wasting discussions. After all, why debate which message will get the best results when your customers will let you know with their actions which message is better?

As a general rule if you communicate more than your competitors, you'll do better. There is a direct relationship between profit and communication. Keep at it until it doesn't pay. Then give it a rest and try again. As the the old saying goes, "the more you tell the more you sell".

If you spend five minutes everyday thinking about reasons to talk to your prospects or customers about things that might benefit or interest them (not you), you'll find it to be the best return on investment you ever make.

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