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Your Quality Childcare Program Can Turn Lack of State Oversight Into a Marketing Opportunity


As state and municipal budgets shrink, the funding, oversight and statute enforcement for child care facilities decreases. Disturbing reports are filling the media in all parts of the country.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the state of Illinois has been paying for child care that is provided in the homes of convicted sex offenders. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-ap-il-humanservices-sex.0.6669987.story


The state of Georgia has determined that thousands of violations of state child care rules and regulations are occurring and there is neither the funding nor the manpower to enforce them.www.ajc.com/news/newspaper-georgia-day-care-560959.html


Missouri admits that it's cuts are making enforcement of child care statutes increasingly more difficult.http://www.komu.com/SatelliteRender/KOMU.com/ba8a4513-c0a8-2f11-0063-9bd94c706769/854d683d-80ce-0971-0060-077e5f4078f1


All of this negative news is making parents nervous and the fact that child care continues to be the biggest financial burden on working families isn't making them feel any better. www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/relationships-and-occasions/article_682c90d4-82cf-11df-a594-0017a4a78c22.html


Now is the time to let your clients know that regardless of what your state is or isn't doing, your facility abides by the law. Let them know that you consider their child's safety and well being to be not only your primary responsibility, but a sacred trust. Address their concerns so they know their children are safe and their money is well spent.


Whether in person, by letter or email, communicate these facts to your clients. Rest assured, the schools that do this will b

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