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Use Your Clients' Name

The other day I received mail from a company I've done business with for years. They're a local company and I know everyone's name. I thought they knew mine, but the letter - one thanking me for my business - was addressed "Dear Valued Customer".

How dear am I to someone who doesn't appear to know my name?

Addressing your clients as "valued customer" shows them the opposite of what the phrase intends. It comes across as , "Even though you have chosen to do business with me rather than my competitors, I can't be bothered to recall your name."

When Dale Carnegie wrote his famous book "How To Win Friends and Influence People" the first thing he advised was to learn the other fellow's name and use it.

Because we all love to hear our names. Even those who profess not to like theirs. Its our identity and we can't help but respond to it. We have been conditioned to do exactly that from birth.

In every communication, from personal chats to emails and print ads, use the person's name. It shows respect, attention, interest, concern and a bit of honor and dignity.

After all, that's what you want in return, isn't it?

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