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childcare insuranceHow Do Parents Choose Childcare?

There seems to be a consensus among most internet sites that teach parents how to choose a daycare center. At the very least, three items are discussed over and again as key to making a selection. These three are;

supervision, playground and equipment safety and cleanliness and sanitation.


It makes perfect sense that parents would be concerned about these items and so, in turn, it makes good business sense that you stress how important these concerns are to your facility. By addressing parents' key concerns before they even voice the concern, you place your school in a preferred selection position.



Constant and competent supervision is a must for ensuring the safety of children. Children are naturally curious and seldom appreciate any dangerousness in their surroundings. They have a tendency to climb on chairs or tables and put items in their mouths that they could potentially choke on. Your supervision should be constant. When you are out of the school during a field trip you and your staff should remember that children will react differently than they do at school.


Playground equipment provides a fun environment but the devices themselves can be dangerous. The equipment should be checked daily for any broken areas or sharp edges. Play areas should also be sanitized and free of any chemicals and toxins. Let the parents know how you ensure the safety of the playground equipment and overall environment.

Lastly, while germ spreading is inevitable among children, daycare centers should implement illness plans for parents and staff to follow to reduce the spread of illnesses. Discuss such plans with the parents. Let them know that you and your staff practice proper hygiene such as frequent hand washing and that you keep the furniture and other equipment clean. Be certain that parents will inspect the surroundings of your facility for cleanliness.


Addressing and satisfying these concerns for parents gives you the best chance of turning them into clients. let them know that their concerns are the same as yours.



Recently, state legislatures have been making it tougher for daycare facilities to obtain licenses. As a result, the legislatures hope to make daycare centers safer havens for children. To read more on this topic see Daycare Safety Checklist for Parents.


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