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75% of the teachers I've spoken to have experienced an intoxicated parent arriving to pick up their child

I have spoken to many groups of directors and early education teachers over the years. In each of those meetings I’ve asked if the individuals have ever had the experience of an intoxicated parent arriving at school to pick up their child. Consistently at least 75% of the hands go up, indicating that yes, that teacher has had such an experience.

Surely the danger to the child is the biggest concern. You spend all day protecting the children in your care. It naturally follows that you want the children to be safe while they are out of your care with their parents or guardians. Unfortunately, you cannot control parents actions with their children when they are away from your school. Can you control their actions when they arrive at your school already displaying the danger?

A family that owes you money for unpaid tuition is much more likely to accuse your school of some wrong doing with their child. Often such an accusation is an attempt to avoid paying you the tuition you are due. You are protecting your school against unfair accusations by avoiding unpaid tuition situations. For more information call Block Insurance 800-225-0863.

childcare insuranceHow Do Parents Choose Childcare?

There seems to be a consensus among most internet sites that teach parents how to choose a daycare center. At the very least, three items are discussed over and again as key to making a selection. These three are;

supervision, playground and equipment safety and cleanliness and sanitation.


It makes perfect sense that parents would be concerned about these items and so, in turn, it makes good business sense that you stress how important these concerns are to your facility. By addressing parents' key concerns before they even voice the concern, you place your school in a preferred selection position.

Building Self Esteem In Parents And Staff

Most parents experience some guilt when leaving their child's care up to someone other than themselves. Making the transition to daycare easier and improving parent/provider communication enhances the quality of care for everyone involved. Here are some ways you can help build parent self-esteem in their decision to use your school.

Create a drop-off routine for the children that will make the separation period easier. You can have a Hug and Good-bye corner or find ways to redirect the child's attention from the leaving parent to the fun inside the school.

Avoid overburdening parents with requests. Too many requests for field trip volunteers, snacks or baked goods, or assistance with various projects only reinforces a parent's guilt when they're not able to help out due to work commitments. Set up a system that allows parents to volunteer according to their own time, schedule and ability.

Schedule some time each month to ask parents if there is anything they need from the school, if they have any concerns, or to tell you how their child appears to be adjusting from their perspective. You might also set up an information station where parents can drop off or pick up notes when they are rushed. This is a great place to leave notes for parents telling them what their child's day has been like, how they are adjusting to care, or if you have any concerns about the child's health, etc. Or you could attach a simple Post-It note to each child's backpack telling the parents a special thing their child did that day.

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