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 County Places Center On Probation

When the Largo KinderCare Learning Center staffers locked up Friday to go home for the weekend, they failed to check all the cribs and left a sleeping 11-month-old boy behind.
When the boy's father arrived at 7:15 p.m., the center had been closed for half an hour. Unable to get in, he called a supervisor who returned to let him in. The boy was unharmed.
This incident has resulted in the Pinellas County Licensing Board issuing violations and placing the center on probation for the next six months. While the county regularly inspects child care facilities every six months, during probation the center will be inspected monthly.
"It's completely unacceptable. These kinds of things simply can't happen," Pinellas County child care licensing supervisor Jorie Massarsky said.

 The Forgetfulness Flood

Over the years, I've written many times about water inside a school. The typical causes is of this type of claim are either the washing machine hose breaking or a toy being flushed down the toilet. These claims are always ugly for the school and the insurance company. The key is to get the baseboards off the walls and completely dried out to avoid mold in the future.
Here is a completely new way to flood a school. Unfortunately, it happened to one school this year. It's closing time. Your closer has just finished mopping the floor. They are rinsing the mop out in the mop sink. The last co-worker in the building asks the closer to lock the door behind them because their hands are full. Your closer walks away from the mop sink leaving the water running. Your employees get involved in a chat and it takes 5 minutes for your closer to finish the chat and lock the door.
At this point your closer forgets they have the mop in the mop sink. She believes she has completed all the closing tasks, so she goes and gets her purse and lets herself out of the building...leaving the water running.

Cocoa Childcare Driver Leaves Child In Van

Just weeks after a similar incident in Kentucky, 33-year-old child care worker Rondalyn Dixon of Cocoa, Florida, was arrested for accidentally leaving a child locked alone in the center's van. She was charged with one count of child neglect for accidentally leaving the 19-month-old toddler inside the van after bringing a group of children home for the day.

The child's mother contacted authorities when her child failed to arrive home and she found the child care center closed. Deputies said they noticed a van parked next to the business and saw the child lying on the floor under the back seat. A deputy broke one of the van's windows to free the child who was then rushed to Wuesthoff Hospital with a 102-degree temperature.

Fortunately, as in the case in Kentucky, the child survived and was released to go home by hospital doctors.

"Dixon left the child in the van after taking several children from the day care to their parent's homes," deputies said in a news release. "Dixon attempted to make contact with the victim's parents at their residence unsuccessfully and continued on her route."

Child Care Center Sends Boy Home With Fractured Skull

A 10 month old boy was sent home from a Pitsford, New York child care center with a fractured skull. The injury was not documented, reported or mentioned to the parents who discovered the injury by chance while giving the boy a kiss on the side of his head.

Investigations by police, child protective sevices and the state Office of Children and Family Services all point to the child care center as the place where the injury occurred. Now, four months later, the center has been cited, but the parents still don't know how it happened.

The parents, who declined to be identified, tell the following story:

It was late May and they had picked up their 10-month-old from child care suspecting nothing. It wasn't until later that evening, by chance, that they learned their little boy had been injured.

His mother said, “I was playing with him a little bit before I took him to bed and I happened to just kiss the side of his head and my lips just sank into the side of his head."

They took him to the hospital immediately where his head began to swell. An x-ray showed the infant had a skull fracture.

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