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Child Care Teachers Babysitting after hoursMany workers in the child care industry supplement their income with babysitting.

These workers have been screened by state regulatory bodies, have experience in dealing with children and quite frankly can frequently use the additional income. The after hours babysitting seems like a good idea, right?

As the owner of a child care center you can find yourself dragged into a lawsuit over your employees babysitting activities in the blink of an eye.

Are You Driving The Bus? If Not, Who Is???

I'm about to show my age; I remember watching Perry Mason while I was growing up. The court room scenes were always dramatic. What I now realize is that drama is exactly the game attorneys play in civil litigation. Keep that drama in mind while you read this article.

Insurance companies are especially particular about child care van and bus drivers because the court room drama potential is astronomical when children, car crashes and bad drivers are involved. Let me paint the potential scenario for you.

You've got two different bus routes to be run today and you find yourself shorthanded. Two of your three insurance approved drivers have called in sick. You have no one to run the second bus route. At the last possible minute you turn to your cook, Betty, and beg her to drive the van while you handle the bus run. She agrees.

Betty has never driven a 15 passenger van and has never worked directly with the kids before. She drives to the first school on the route and four rowdy 5th graders get on. They stretch their legs across the back two benches and refuse to buckle up.

Check Your Drivers First

If your program includes picking children up from school and bringing them back to your school you must deal with recruitment, training and screening of drivers.

Many schools make an offer of employment and hire a new driver before having the driving record checked. In some cases this can backfire if the driver is unacceptable. I recommend that you check out a driver before you make a job offer.

Insurers have different driver criteria. One rule of thumb you can count on with 95% of all insurers is that your drivers must be at least 21 years old. Most insurers prefer 23 or older.

If you want to know why a driver is unacceptable, your insurer cannot tell you. Insurers and Insurance Agents are constrained by the Privacy Protection Act. The companies that provide motor vehicle records also require insurers and agents to sign an agreement that we will not disclose the information in a report.

Make your life a bit easier. Be sure to have back up drivers approved to drive before you need them.

Avoiding Back Injuries In Child Care

More than six million people visit doctors every year for lower back pain. Unfortunately, many child care activities can result in back, neck and shoulder injuries. Below is a list of the most common causes of back injury and typical child care job duties that can aggravate these causes.

  • Heavy Lifting - lifting children, preparing food
  • Pushing or Applying or Force - pushing large strollers
  • Frequent Bending or Twisting - picking up children
  • Awkward Positions or Posture -sitting on the ground, sitting in child size chairs
  • Sudden Load Bearing - reaching for a falling object or child, having a child jump on you or into your arms
  • Repetitive Work Movements - arts and crafts, diaper changing

While the necessities of child care mean that these jobs will always be a constant, the following techniques and strategies that can greatly reduce the chance of injury.

When bending and lifting can not be avoided use the proper technigue. Proper technique means getting as close to the object as possible, using the entire palm of the hand to grip the load, lifting slowly and gradually, using the legs and abdominals, and maintaining a balanced stance with feet at shoulder width.

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