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Do Child Care Providers Need Coverage for Mental Anguish?

On August 12th a Woodbridge, Virginia child care provider punished a 4-year-old girl by tying her hands behind her back and locking her in the closet for ten minutes. This absurd, cruel and traumatizing "punishment" has led to the provider being arrested and charged with abduction, child abuse and neglect. http://ow.ly/dhQxj

No doubt, this provider will lose her license and be barred from having anything to do with children in the future.

It is very likely that the girl's parents will file a lawsuit.

It is also likely that since there was no physical harm to the child that any forthcoming lawsuit will be for mental anguish, an area of risk not generally covered in liability policies.

Is My Building Covered If I Bought It Personally?


It is quite common in the child care field for you to buy your building in your personal name.  Often we make these decisions without giving the insurance implications a second thought.  So the pertinent question is: can I insure the building on my school's policy?  If so, will the insurance company pay my fire at buildingclaims if I don't tell them I bought the building personally?  

The answers are yes and maybe. 

How Can I Be Sure I’ve Gotten

A Quality Insurance Program?

childcare insurance quality

Quality counts. Affordability is absolutely essential in today’s economic environment. How can you balance those two concerns in the insurance program for your school?


Quality can be measured in many different ways. In your school quality might be expressed through the cleanliness of your building, the arrangement of your playground, the curriculum you utilize, the variety of toys you offer, the food you serve, your child to teacher ratios, the longevity of your staff and your own involvement. Each school decides where it stands on each of those issues (and many more).


In the realm of insurance quality can be expressed through the coverage offered, the expertise of the insurance company in child care, the expertise of the agent in child care, the way claims are handled, the financial strength of the insurance company and the ability of the insurance company and agent to provide you with information to avoid having a claim in the first place.

Under what conditions would a commercial auto insurer deny a claim?

Although many factors could lead to a declination one serious concern involves whether or not the insured party has insurable interest in the vehicle. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Let’s break it down.

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