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A Checklist  of Roles and Responsibilities 

In a child care setting, everyone has a part to play in emergency preparedness. Each member of the staff has vital responsibilities that ensure the safety and well being of the children.
What follows is a suggested checklist of the duties of management and various members of the staff. Of course if you are an in-home provider, all of the roles and responsibilities are yours.
The Owner/Manager
Create an Emergency Action Plan EAP) and coordinate with your local emergency management agency to be certain of identifying all potential disaster situations for your area.
Provide copies of the EAP to the local emergency manager and necessary first responders.

Choosing Safe Child Care Furniture  

Many common accidents that occur at child care can be prevented by paying attention to specific details of the furnishings you provide.
Making certain that tables and chairs are the correct height for the children in your care goes a long way in preventing injuries. Many accidents occur as children attempt to crawl up on or off of classroom furniture. Properly sized furniture eliminates this hazard.
Likewise, selecting furniture with rounded corners and edges cuts down on injuries also. If this alternative is not feasible, you can childproof sharp or hard edges with plastic guards.
Carpet, while harder to maintain than hard surfaced floors, isn't likely to become slippery and lead to a fall. An added benefit of carpeting is the cushioning it provides in the event a child does trip or fall as well as making for a warmer, softer surface on which to play.If tile/marble/hardwood flooring is unavoidable, consider covering the surface with non- slip area rugs.

Indiana's Guide Is The Best In The Nation

Currently, most states require child care providers to have emergency plas in place for fire and severe weather situations. However, Indiana as gone far beyond that and has published the nation's most comprehensive guide to emergency preparedness for child care providers.
While a few states have similar guides, Indiana has the most detailed plans put together with the expertise of a host of the state's agencies, departments and private organizations.
Indiana is also the first state to design a training program to help providers understand what should be included in their emergency plans.
For a link to the guide...

A Wealth of Health and Safety Information Awaits You

Every child care provider's primary duty is to keep the children in their care safe and healthy.

It is a never-ending task that requires persistent vigilance, constant awareness and a willingness to learn more and better ways to accomplish these goals.

With that in mind, I wholeheartedly urge you to visit the following websites as they contain a wealth of safety, health, fitness and nutrition information. Additionally, these sites are frequently updated.

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