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1 Million ADHD Misdiagnoses?

Nearly 1 million children in the United States are potentially misdiagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder simply because they are younger and more immature than their classmates, according to research done at Michigan State University.

Studies at North Carolina State University, Notre Dame and the University of Minnesota arrive at similar conclusions.

These children are significantly more likely than their older classmates to be prescribed behavior-modifying stimulants such as Ritalin, said Todd Elder, author of the Michigan State study.

If the studies are correct, and the evidence is indeed compelling, these 1 million children have become an experiment on the long term use of stimulants on children. No one knows what happens to otherwise normal children who for years are dosed daily with stimulants. It would also be a waste of anywhere from $320 to $500 million annually on unneeded medication; about a third of that paid for by Medicaid.

An Argument Against the Back Sleep/Pacifier SIDS Theory

Undoubtedly pacifiers and back sleeping can reduce the incidence of SIDS, but sleep researchers are wondering at what cost?

Think about the implications of pacifiers and back sleeping: they both prevent staying in deep sleep and so babies can be more easily aroused. Newborns spend most of the time in REM sleep, when muscles are most relaxed. Preventing deep sleep can have serious consequences on proper brain development.

There are those researching the fact that the rate of autism shot up after the back to sleep campaign was started in 1993 in an effort to see if there is any connection.

Winter Park Foundation Increases Funding for Childcare Obesity Prevention

Agreeing with the Nemours Children's Hospital (NCH) that the best way to combat obesity is to address the problem early on, Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) has raised their grant to the hospital's Childcare Obesity Prevention Initiative (COPI) to $90,000. Last year's grant to the program was $50,000. The money goes to helping preschools create health and wellness programs to combat obesity.

Last year the WPHF gave $50,000 to the hospital's initiative. Lynn Carolan, WPHF spokeswoman says the increased grant will help get teaching tools into preschools in Winter Park, Etonville and Maitland - all of which feed into elementary schools that also have health and wellness programs.

The two dozen preschools receiving aid will join with NCH, WPHF, Rollins College and Sesame Street to combat childhood obesity in Central Florida.

Nemours, by means of its Childcare Obesity Prevention Initiative, teamed with Sesame Street back in 2009 to develop an anti-obesity/pro-health program for preschools.

Treating Anaphylactic Shock

Imagine this scenario. Your driver is beginning his route to drop children off. Little Johnny offers Suzy a bite of his candy bar. Suzy accepts, but the candy has peanuts which Suzy is allergic to. A few minutes after eating it Suzy goes into anaphylactic shock. She can't breath or swallow, the other kids are panicking and Suzy's turning blue.

The driver pulls the bus over, determines that Suzy is suffering an extreme allergic reaction, injects her with epinephrine and in all probability, saves her life.

Would your driver be able to do this. Would you?

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