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Choosing Safe Child Care Furniture  

Many common accidents that occur at child care can be prevented by paying attention to specific details of the furnishings you provide.
Making certain that tables and chairs are the correct height for the children in your care goes a long way in preventing injuries. Many accidents occur as children attempt to crawl up on or off of classroom furniture. Properly sized furniture eliminates this hazard.
Likewise, selecting furniture with rounded corners and edges cuts down on injuries also. If this alternative is not feasible, you can childproof sharp or hard edges with plastic guards.
Carpet, while harder to maintain than hard surfaced floors, isn't likely to become slippery and lead to a fall. An added benefit of carpeting is the cushioning it provides in the event a child does trip or fall as well as making for a warmer, softer surface on which to play.If tile/marble/hardwood flooring is unavoidable, consider covering the surface with non- slip area rugs.
Any shelving that is not anchored to the wall is susceptible to being toppled by the child who decides to climb upon it. As a general rule, the height of such shelving should be about eye-level to the children in your charge. Children are much more apt to climb upon shelving and other equipment that is taller than they are.
The materials used to construct your furnishings and the quality of the construction itself also need to be taken into consideration. Painted furniture should be avoided as it will eventually peel and provide something for children to stick in their mouths. Any furniture that is unsteady, moves to and fro, or is easily rocked should be avoided. 
The furniture utilized in child care will get plenty of hard use, so it is important to frequently check for signs of deterioration that could lead to injury such as splintering or loose screws.
Careful consideration, inspection, and perhaps a bit more money spent upfront can lessen the chances for injuries, claims and lawsuits - all of which are far more costly than a few extra dollars spent on a quality product.
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