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Substitute Teacher Mistook Cleaning Solution For Water

Twenty-eight children at a New Jersey child care facility were rushed to the hospital by ambulance after drinking water that contained bleach.

According to investigators, the children were given water mixed with bleach when a substitute teacher mistakenly used a bottle of cleaning solution instead of a bottle of water from the cooler.

Doctors say the concentration of bleach was low, and none of the children suffered serious injuries. All of the children are recovering and have been since released from the hospital.

 This is why all cleaning solutions and toxic substances should not only be kept in a locked cabinet, away from where food is served, but clearly labeled and identified.

If the water  bottle that had been used to create a cleaning solution of bleach and water had been labeled as such, or had a skull and crossbones drawn on it with a permanent marker, this potentially deadly situation would have never come to pass


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