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A Checklist  of Roles and Responsibilities 

In a child care setting, everyone has a part to play in emergency preparedness. Each member of the staff has vital responsibilities that ensure the safety and well being of the children.
What follows is a suggested checklist of the duties of management and various members of the staff. Of course if you are an in-home provider, all of the roles and responsibilities are yours.
The Owner/Manager
Create an Emergency Action Plan EAP) and coordinate with your local emergency management agency to be certain of identifying all potential disaster situations for your area.
Provide copies of the EAP to the local emergency manager and necessary first responders.
Identify and coordinate the repair o potential dangers with management and facility maintenance personnel.
Assure that staff and children are well trained in the EAP.
Assign emergency responsibilities to staff members. Assign a specific person to maintain pertinent files, including children's names  and contact information, medical information including medicines, photos. and employee emergency information in the event of an evacuation.
Obtain CPR and First Aid training for staff members along with any other training required by law or applicable to your area.
Conduct drills and initite plan revisions based on drill evalution.
Keep staff members and parents informed of all emergency plan revisions.
Conduct periodic safety checks of the physical facility, equipment and vehicles.
The Staff
Participate in developing the emergency plan.
Know and understand their rols and responsibilities during an emergency situation.
Participate in emergency preparedness training and drills.
Assume responsibilities for taking emergency supply packs with them in the event of an evacuation.
Help children develop confidence in their ability to care for themselves.
Know the location of the main shut-off valves for the gas, oil, snd water. Know the location of the electrical utility box and all circuit breakers or fuses.
Maintenance Personnel (if applicable)
Conduct periodic safety inspections of the facility according to policy.
Identify shut-off valves and switches for gas, oil, water and electriciy.
Shut off ventilating system in the event of an emergency.
Practice lockdown procedures
Facility Food Service Personnel (if applicable)
Maintain a 3 day supply of water and nonperishable food for emergency use.
Label stockpiled food and water with the date it was stored. Replenish stocked supplies every six months.

Become familiar with the emergency plan and procedures they need to follow.

Assist facility manager in developing the plan.
Provide facility with emergency phone numbers and information regarding time required to pick up child in the event of an emergency evacuation.
Provide medical care information for your child, including list of medications and other special instructions, if necessary.
Provide the school with an unexpired emergency supply of medications if applicable.
Provide a recent photo of child for providers.
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