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You don’t have to do anything wrong:

you need merely be accused

and your business will be turned upside down. A big part of your insurance policy is the defense it provides to you. Such a defense is handy even when you’ve done nothing wrong.

One school is facing just such a situation following receipt of a letter from a lawyer. The letter has arrived several years after a student attended their school. The student and an individual who volunteered at the school engaged in an intimate relationship after both had left the school.

The student has stated that the relationship began after leaving the school. The school has received a letter from an attorney indicating the student’s parent’s intention to sue the school because their child met the other individual at their school.

Absolutely incredible! The school had nothing to do with this relationship but the school must defend against the allegation.

Oak TreeTimber...

Over the past 5 years, we have seen more than 50 claims in which a tree has damaged an early education school. We have seen tree limbs fall on roofs, playgrounds, teachers and children; we have seen tree roots damage foundations and or playgrounds; we have seen neighbors trees fall through our client’s buildings. Everyone of these situations has disrupted the normal operations of the school at which the tree fell.

The amount of insurance that can be recovered varies widely. The reason for the damage is the heart of what you will recover. Trees must be maintained. Limbs die and must be removed, trees themselves die and must be removed and roots must be monitored and if they become a danger to your property the tree must be removed. If the tree or a limb damages your property because you have failed to do proper maintenance, insurance will generally deny your claim. If your neighbor’s tree damages your property your insurance will respond but will then seek to recover from the neighbor.

Trip, Slip, Fall… not the kids this time

We spend so much energy focused on the accidents that can happen to the kids. Unfortunately the need for vigilance does not end with the kids. Parents, grandparents, visitors and teachers all trip, slip and fall on school grounds. Over the years we have seen dozens of liability claims for parents or grandparents slipping on wet floors, twisting their ankle on their stiletto heels and tripping over landscaping. We’ve also seen numerous claims from teachers for all of the same types of issues plus tripping over children and jamming toes into furniture.

You will help yourself tremendously with liability claims if you utilize wet floor signs, act quickly to isolate and mop up spills on your floor, and keep your landscaping neat and trim.

In order to minimize your exposure to these types of work comp claims from your employees I recommend requiring close toed shoes and considering banning the practice of carrying children in a room that has ambulatory children.

Claims Corner: Kidnapping

As a school owner you take the safety of the children in your school quite seriously. You make sure that only individuals on the approved pickup list are able to remove a child from your school. You’ve trained your staff to ask for and review photo id when someone other than mom or dad come to pick up a child. But how well would your school stand up to a concerted effort to kidnap a child by someone who is mentally unstable and committed to the kidnapping? Let me share with you a real life scenario and you ask yourself how your school would fair in such a situation.

It is 10 am and you receive a phone call from Mrs. Smith; she sounds frantic and tells you that her husband has been in an auto accident; her sister Judy Jones will be coming to school to pick up Johnny and bring Johnny to her in the hospital. At 11 am a well dressed woman comes to your school and indicates that she is Judy Jones and she is there to pick up Johnny. She is sent to Room 6. When she arrives at Room 6 your teacher asks her for photo id and she states that she presented it to the office. Your teacher allows Ms. Jones to take Johnny.

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