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Preventing Stolen and Vandalized Vehicles

So much of your time is devoted to the care of the children, dealing with the state inspectors, addressing the concerns of the parents and handling the individual issues of your staff, you don't usually consider your vehicles. As long as you keep the vehicles maintained and gassed you expect that they will be there waiting or you each day.
However, we have seen dozens of vehicles that have been stolen or vandalized over the past 3 years. These vehicles are generally left in the school's parking lot at night and over the weekend. Criminals that are interested in taking a vehicle for a joy ride are always pleased to find an automobile that is not attended, which makes your vehicles very attractive targets.
Usually, preschool vans that are stolen for a joy ride are recovered within 1 - 3 day. Sadly, most of these vans are returned to the school with significant damage. Broken windows, destroyed dashboards, stripped transmissions, blown engines, burnt out brakes, cut and slashed seats, sliced headliners...all of these damages have been inflicted upon school vans taken for a joy ride.

How Should Infants Be Supervised and Positioned For Naps?

In Norfolk, Virginia, a church day care director was arrested and is being prosecuted for the death of a 7 week old child (Dylan Cummings) who died while under the care of Little Eagles Day Care Center. The center is affiliated with Bethel Temple Church of Deliverance. The director and another employee are being charged with child neglect.


Attorneys for the day care director and the employee report that the Defendants cared for the child in a nursery and truly loved and cared for the child enrolled in the center.


Prosecutors paint a different picture of a day care center that did not follow regulations and that placed children in a crib in a windowless closet. It is expected that the case will focus, in part, on medical issues involving the cause and preventability of the child's death. It was reported that Dylan died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The prosecutor will argue that the child was unsupervised for 2 1/2 hours and that he was allowed to sleep on his stomach which puts an infant at risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Daycare copper theftCopper isn’t the only metal that thieves are stealing from child care centers, they’re after your platinum too.

Interestingly enough, catalytic converters contain 3—7 grams of platinum. The current world market is running at roughly $1000 per ounce.

In 2008 alone, eight of our clients had their catalytic converters stolen. The disruption to your operation is tremendous when you are down a vehicle. You are confronted with the inconvenience of calling the police and getting the vehicle to the shop. Then you’ve got to find a replacement vehicle which is not covered by insurance. Unlike a personal auto policy, most commercial auto policies do not include rental reimbursement. The final insult is having to pay your comprehensive deductible when you pick your vehicle up from the repair shop.

Following many of the same steps outlined in the copper theft story can help keep your vehicles secure. Simple steps can help you make your school a less attractive target to thieves.

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It is vital that Child Care Workers report any knowledge of a molestation situation.

Many years ago, a school had several boys molest another boy with a stick on the playground. The teachers became aware of the incident but did not report the incident to state authorities.

Within the week the two teachers that had knowledge of the incident had been arrested for their failure to report. As mandated reporters, teachers and school owners cannot avoid reporting such incidents. Those two teachers lost their ability to work in early childhood education for the rest of their careers.

If it is your policy to have teachers report incidents to management you must be certain that management then takes the necessary steps to report. These steps protect the child who is the victim, the teachers who report to you, you and the school.

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