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Hello, Operator? Can You Find Joe the Contractor?


Here's a story I heard the other day from a local child care provider.

“I work on a pretty thin profit...you know? Child care isn’t making me rich...I pay my employees, pay my mortgage and make a living for myself. But I don’t have money to throw around. So I figured I could save some real money on the building expansion I’m doing if I stayed away from the big contracting companies. You know, their prices are just so high."

"My friend Betty told me about her friend Jill. Jill hired this guy Joe. Joe put a fourth bedroom, second bathroom and back deck on Jill’s house. Betty said Jill was really happy with the results. So Betty got me Joe’s phone number. I called Joe and he came out and gave me a bid to add three more classrooms, a multipurpose room and re-roof my child care center. The quote was half what anybody else gave me. Joe said that was because he has no overhead and he passes those savings to me."

Say Cheese

We've discussed before why it's important to get a certificate of insurance from everyone that comes to your school. Unfortunately, I now have a real example of what can happen when you don't get a certificate.

A school spent two months preparing a class for a program they would perform for the parents. This was a very elaborate program for a VPK class. It included three costume changes.

The school was so proud of how hard the children worked preparing for the presentation that they wanted to make sure they captured the event for the parents.

So the school contracted with the photographer they use for all their events. The photographer came to the school each year to take the annual photos, the class photos, the Christmas photos and the VPK graduation photos. The school's moms, dads and kids all knew the photographer.

The cost of copper in China because it is leading to all kinds of theft and vandalism.

Okay, so we’re not really going to talk about eggs. But we are going to talk about the cost of copper in China because it is leading to all kinds of theft and vandalism in child care centers here in America. The two are linked because of the laws of supply and demand.

Over the past five years the cost of copper has increased 400% in the international market. Emerging economies in China and India have generated huge demand for copper. It seems that there is not enough capacity in copper mining to keep up with demand. This has meant that these countries have been looking to metal recyclers to help fill their demand.

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