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What Does Yours Amount To?
When you buy an insurance policy you are buying a piece of paper and a promise.  The promise is: when you have a claim, the insurance company will pay you everything due you under the terms in the policy. The claim is where the rubber meets the road. 
The purpose of an insurance agent is to make the entire insurance transaction make sense.  Insurance can be very confusing to the average individual.  It is a small slice of law.  The average individual does not know all the statutes and rules in their state much less the court interpretations of these statutes and rules.  The insurance agent is responsible for helping you protect yourself.
So, when the claim happens, depend upon your agent to help you successfully navigate the process with the insurance company.  Your agent will be able to take the details of the situation from you and relay them to the insurance company in the most efficient way possible.  Your agent will also be able to connect with people inside the insurance company's claims department to keep your claim moving forward to a fair conclusion.  
Last but not least, your agent will be able to explain the insurance jargon to you in normal English. Every industry has jargon that becomes so commonplace to industry insiders that the people don't always think about whether or not others understand what they are saying.  Insurance certainly has this jargon (e.g. coinsurance, ACV, special form, indemnity… )what does that all mean anyway?
When you try to deal directly with the insurance company's claims department it is possible your experience will be less than ideal.  It is not because the insurance company employees intend to make the process convoluted.  Rather, it is because some insurance company adjusters are not as well versed in customer service skills as they are in insurance skills.  After you've had a claim, you feel concerned, maybe vulnerable and understandably anxious.  I believe you will relieve these feelings by having a good, responsive agent at the other end of the telephone.  This agent will take the claim information, give you your next steps and report the claim to the company. 
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