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Don't Wait To Make A Claim

Yesterday, while searching the internet for news of interest on the child care industry, I came across a link to a local television news story about one of our clients. It seems one of the child care providers at this facility had been arrested and charged with child abuse for slapping a child.
This incident was captured on video surveillance and as you can imagine, the child's mother is furious, She says in her interview on the local news, "The daycare needs to be shut down."
You can rest assured there will be a lawsuit forthcoming.
The odd thing is that this client has yet to report the incident, which happened 21 days ago, to the insurance company.
This facility, like the vast majority of child care businesses, purchased Abuse and Molestation coverage, but is jeopardizing their coverage by failing to report the incident "in a timely manner" as the policy requires.
It makes little sense to purchase insurance and then risk having it provide for you because you failed to report a claim (or the possibility of a claim) in "a timely manner".
Don't jeopardize your coverage and quite possibly your entire business by failing to report an incident. When something happens, don't wait - report it promptly.
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