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There Is Never Enough Closet Space

I know this will make me sound like a woman, but I don't believe you can ever have too much closet space.  With the constant need for more closet space it is easy to jam things into the closet with no thought other than getting the door shut.  If you close your eyes and think about old cartoons, you'll be able to visualize the cartoon character leaning against the closet door to get it closed while the stuff is bursting out the sides.
In one school with this challenge the cartoon turned into a bad dream.  When a teacher opened the closet door to look for a bucket, instead of finding the bucket the teacher had a computer monitor fall on her foot.  This resulted in a trip to the emergency room where she found out her foot was fractured.
As a result of the fracture the teacher had her foot in a cast for 2 months and was unable to perform her job duties.  She could not lift, stand or walk on the foot throughout the two months.  The work comp claim came to more than $10,000 between medical bills and lost wages.  The school also had the inconvenience of hiring someone to fill the job for 2 months and then the need to bring the injured employee back.
This situation is easily avoided by:
  • Making sure that all areas, including storage areas, are kept neat and tidy. 
  • Store heavy items at the very bottom of storage racks. 
  • Store the light weight, small items at the top of storage racks. 
  • Be sure to distribute weight evenly across the storage shelving. 
Also think about how your staff will access the items stored higher up.  I suggest keeping a step stool in the storage area so it is right at hand and employees can wisely choose to use the step stool instead of trying to use a chair as a ladder.
Once you have your storage areas organized and safe for your team do not rest on your laurels.  You need to be looking at your entire facility, including storage spaces, on a monthly basis with a critical eye.  As you look at your facility, look for potential accidents and take the steps to make sure that accident does not happen in your school.
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