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Daycare copper theftCopper isn’t the only metal that thieves are stealing from child care centers, they’re after your platinum too.

Interestingly enough, catalytic converters contain 3—7 grams of platinum. The current world market is running at roughly $1000 per ounce.

In 2008 alone, eight of our clients had their catalytic converters stolen. The disruption to your operation is tremendous when you are down a vehicle. You are confronted with the inconvenience of calling the police and getting the vehicle to the shop. Then you’ve got to find a replacement vehicle which is not covered by insurance. Unlike a personal auto policy, most commercial auto policies do not include rental reimbursement. The final insult is having to pay your comprehensive deductible when you pick your vehicle up from the repair shop.

Following many of the same steps outlined in the copper theft story can help keep your vehicles secure. Simple steps can help you make your school a less attractive target to thieves.

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