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Wresting Opportnity From Adversity

Running your own business is intensely demanding and competitive. You are responsible for everything and when uncertainties arise, you must have the poise, acumen and patience to either minimize any negatives or wring opportunity from adversity (the lemonade-from-lemons ability).

If you lose your composure, your entire organization becomes susceptible to panic and weakens.

Your attitude, presence and even body language are things your employees will be watching and responding to. Yes, as the "head honcho" you are responsible for elevating performance and developing your people's talents, but you are also charged with making them feel safe and secure. No one performs well when they think the ship is sinking; employees will either "abandon ship" or waste time and effort on worrying about the loss of their jobs.

How you respond in times of crisis or stress will indicate your preparedness, maturity and ingenuity.

A modern business owner must be able to view adversity as opportunity. The leader with composure doesn't panic during difficult times, but calmly looks for avenues of opportunity within the adverse circumstances. He ferrets out the causes of adversity and upon discovery, moves to solve them at once. Like a marine, he will adapt, improvise and overcome by enabling and facilitating previously unseen opportunities (frequently ones that had they been recognized earlier could have adverted the adversity in the first place).

It is wise to realize that often crisis results when composure is absent.

The Simple Principles Of Successful Leadership

In business it is often the simple things that get overlooked; yet it is often the "simple things" which make a business owner a successful leader (boss, if you will).
It is interesting to note that research into what makes a business leader successful, finds the same things that make us good humans in general are also the things that help leaders succeed.
Here are the findings of a multitude of research into what makes for a better leader:

Former Child Care Owners Arrested

Two former child care owners have been arrested and are facing grand theft charges arising from failure to conduct employee background checks.

The couple is accused of getting more than half a million dollars they should have never received.

Now under arrest, Kenneth and Marie Bryant, owners of  Noah's Ark Christian Academy, did not do proper background checks on all their employees and therefore were never entitled to receive $526,586.30 from the Early Learning Coalition.

  Experts Say The Best Leaders Are

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, the most powerful way to influence and lead others is to be lovable. (http://hbr.org/2013/07/connect-then-lead/)
Echoing those sentiments is Inc. magazine's recent article 7 Traits of True Leaders.
While the common wisdom holds that strength, competence, and credentials are the hallmarks of effective leadership, in reality, to be a first-rate leader you must possess warmth and approachability.
 Amy J.C. Cuddy, Matthew Kohut and John Neffinger, authors of the Harvard Business Review article (and also the book Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential) say employees react best to leaders who are warm and invest time and effort connecting with them.

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