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Office Administrator Guilty Of Stealing $42,000 From Child Care Center

While this story comes from Australia, it is important to remember that fraud can happen to any business and that 60% of business fraud is internal.

An office administrator at the Baringa Childcare Centre in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) pleaded guilty to the theft of $42,000 from the small business. Tanya Diamond appeared at the ACT Magistrates Court on the count of obtaining property by deception. She had originally faced 47 separate counts, but the prosecution rolled them into one all-encompassing charge.
Diamond, who began working at the facility in 2001 as a casual employee before being promoted to office administrator in 2003, used her position to amend her work hours, resulting in the theft of $42,642.19 between August 2010 and July 2013.
Diamond’s role in the childcare facility of collecting and collating time sheets, processing pay, enquiries, tax and fees, enabled her to edit her documented working hours, resulting in the fraudulent acquisition of business funds.

Interviewing Tips For Child Care Owners

 Finding the right employees, the ones who are the perfect fit for your business, isn't often a simple task.
To make certain you hire the person best suited for the position you're looking to fill, it's best to prepare for the interviewing process ahead of time. By taking a few tips from the pros you can spare yourself from problems down the road.
Here's what professional interviewers suggest:
Seek Recommendations If you've been in this profession for a while and know plenty of others who are in the same business, utilize the contacts you've made. Referrals can bring you some of the best employees.
If you're just starting a child care business, reach out to nannies, babysitters and see if they're interested in steady work or know others who may be seeking full time employment.
Personalize the Interview Many employers start an interview with "tell me about you," or "what can you tell me about yourself?" David Bakke, a career expert, advises taking a different approach. "Ask them about their education, likes, dislikes, hobbies and other things of that nature. By getting them to open up to you on a personal level, you'll have a better idea of the person you're dealing with."

Nine Ways To Reduce It

Twenty years of research and employee opinion surveys show workers consistently indicate that the following facets of employment matter to them more than pay:

  • Having a good working relationship with their immediate supervisor
  • Opportunities to learn and grow in their jobs
  • Opportunities for Promotion
  • Doing work that is meaningful
  • Being treated as a valued, respected member of a team
  • Being recognized for their contributions to the company’s success
  • Having autonomy and the authority to effectively do their job
  • Having flexibility in hours worked

Obviously, you have to be paying a fair market wage in order for employees to continue at your company. However, beyond pay, there are a multitude of other variables that factor into employee satisfaction and thus, retention.

The following nine tips help ensure employee retention:

The Myths

Most business owners and managers don't concern themselves with employee turnover until it becomes a problem. As the economy slowly gains traction, surveys reveal that a larger number of employees are likely to seek out a job in a different organization over the next year.
Global consulting firm The Hay Group, says employee turnover will increase in 2014 to 161.7 million employees, a 12.9 percent increase over 2012's figures. Additionally, their research indicates if employees receive an enticing job offer an increasing number of employees reporting that they would take the offer.
In the child care industry, employee turnover rates have always been higher than the national averages, and so, it behooves us all, large operations and small, to recognize the myths about employee turnover and the ways to reduce and/or prevent it.
Some common misconceptions about turnover are:

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