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Prepare for Hurricane Season Now

We’ve been fortunate the last several years in that we’ve avoided any major storms. There are no guarantees that we will continue to be so lucky. It is also important to remember that even tropical storms can lead to damage. A few steps to take before a storm is imminent:

  • Make sure your windows are in good repair
  • Caulk around your windows
  • Make sure the weather striping around doors is in good repair
  • Have a roofer inspect your roof to verify that it is in good repair
  • Clean out your gutters
  • Have tree limbs cut back so that they do not overhang your building
  • Have dead trees removed from your property
  • Remove any unsecured property from the exterior of your building
  • Reassess your need for flood insurance

Leaking or Broken Pipes Dump Water in Your School

Many schools have discovered that a pipe that breaks overnight or during the weekend can leave you wishing for Noah’s Ark the next morning. A pipe that breaks, a hose on your washing machine that gives way, a water heater that has rusted out can all lead to a school full of water and a mess.

Avoiding this kind of a mess is your best bet. In order to avoid such a situation I advise:

  • Have a plumber inspect your pipes
  • Have a plumber inspect your hot water heater
  • Replace the hoses on your washing machine regularly
  • Replace the water line hose on your refrigerator regularly
  • If the temperature drops to freezing or below, leave a slow drip in your faucet to avoid freezing of the pipes

If you are unfortunate enough to experience water damage you must act quickly.

  • Have the water extracted
  • Make sure the extraction company removes your baseboards before removing the water
  • Use fans to help dry your building out after the water is extracted
  • If floor coverings cannot be completely dried, do not return them to the building
  • Anything that cannot be dried out should be left outside for the insurance adjuster to look at; avoid leaving it in the building because wet articles left inside invite mold

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The Copper Thieves

More than a few child care operators have arrived at their facilities to find thieves have rendered their heat and air conditioners useless by stealing the copper parts from these devices. Others have had to have their premises rewired after thieves have stolen cables and wiring, sometimes destroying entire walls in the process.

As the price of copper continues to rise, these thefts are becoming more common. Many local police departments have had to create special units specifically to handle this type of crime. Copper theft has now reached over $1 billion annually.

Most of these burglaries occur at night during normal sleeping hours. If your facility has its air conditioners on a side of the building that is not easily visible from the street or vehicles can easily pull up alongside your building, you are more susceptible to theft.

Olly Olly Oxen Free

I'm probably showing my age again, but I remember calling "Olly Olly Oxen Free" when playing Hide and Seek as a child. These were the magic words that let me know someone else was now "it" and I had survived another round. These children's games come to mind because I sometimes feel like I'm playing these games as an adult; only now the stakes are much higher than who will be "it".

If you don't own your own building, your lease may include many different provisions that make you responsible for different components of the building. For example, many landlords make tenants responsible for the air conditioning unit.

If your insurance agent doesn't have a copy of your lease , he is playing Blind Man's Bluff with your property insurance. Frequently, the failure to provide the lease is not intentional; you just have so many issues that seem more important.

The lease's level of importance gets elevated in a big hurry though when there is a claim. Here's how the claim scenario can play out.

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