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Leaking or Broken Pipes Dump Water in Your School

Many schools have discovered that a pipe that breaks overnight or during the weekend can leave you wishing for Noah’s Ark the next morning. A pipe that breaks, a hose on your washing machine that gives way, a water heater that has rusted out can all lead to a school full of water and a mess.

Avoiding this kind of a mess is your best bet. In order to avoid such a situation I advise:

  • Have a plumber inspect your pipes
  • Have a plumber inspect your hot water heater
  • Replace the hoses on your washing machine regularly
  • Replace the water line hose on your refrigerator regularly
  • If the temperature drops to freezing or below, leave a slow drip in your faucet to avoid freezing of the pipes

If you are unfortunate enough to experience water damage you must act quickly.

  • Have the water extracted
  • Make sure the extraction company removes your baseboards before removing the water
  • Use fans to help dry your building out after the water is extracted
  • If floor coverings cannot be completely dried, do not return them to the building
  • Anything that cannot be dried out should be left outside for the insurance adjuster to look at; avoid leaving it in the building because wet articles left inside invite mold

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