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Prepare for Hurricane Season Now

We’ve been fortunate the last several years in that we’ve avoided any major storms. There are no guarantees that we will continue to be so lucky. It is also important to remember that even tropical storms can lead to damage. A few steps to take before a storm is imminent:

  • Make sure your windows are in good repair
  • Caulk around your windows
  • Make sure the weather striping around doors is in good repair
  • Have a roofer inspect your roof to verify that it is in good repair
  • Clean out your gutters
  • Have tree limbs cut back so that they do not overhang your building
  • Have dead trees removed from your property
  • Remove any unsecured property from the exterior of your building
  • Reassess your need for flood insurance

There are limitations in every property insurance policy related to wind damage. You face percentage deductibles, exclusions for damages to the interior without exterior damage, exclusions for rising water, and many more. A thorough review of your insurance will disclose your particular circumstances.

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