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 Flies Through Wall Injuring Three Children

Three young children and an adult were hurt when a car crashed into a Kansas City, Mo child care center.
Police report a parked car was hit by an SUV and propelled through the front of Christian Academy child care. When the car came crashing into the building, two children became trapped under it. Another child, and the 80-year-old driver of the SUV, were also injured.
All four were taken to the hospital with serious, but not life threatening injuries.
The center, which had 40 children in attendance at the time of the crash, iis now missing a large section of its front wall. All of the children were accounted for.
Tony Bennet, the grandson of the owner of the car that was launched into the center, rushed in to help after the crash. Bennett told NBC's Kansas City affiliate KSHB that he rushed in to help when he heard the crash.
"I started helping like trying to kick down the doors to get all the kids out," Bennett told the station. "It was devastating to hear all the kids crying and it made you want to do whatever you could do to make everything better."
Zaire Davis, one of the children trapped under the car suffered a broken hip, but is expected to make a complete recovery. Speaking with reporters, his mother said the little boy told her he woke up "with a car and big wheels" on top of him.
While this is truly a freakish accident, it is also a reminder that anything can happen. Which is why it's important to be proficient in first aid and CPR and wise to have property insurance.
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