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 Flies Through Wall Injuring Three Children

Three young children and an adult were hurt when a car crashed into a Kansas City, Mo child care center.
Police report a parked car was hit by an SUV and propelled through the front of Christian Academy child care. When the car came crashing into the building, two children became trapped under it. Another child, and the 80-year-old driver of the SUV, were also injured.
All four were taken to the hospital with serious, but not life threatening injuries.
The center, which had 40 children in attendance at the time of the crash, iis now missing a large section of its front wall. All of the children were accounted for.

Child Care Hit By AC Thieves For 5th Time

Thieves struck a Ft. Lauderdale child care center for the fifth time this month. The Prophecy Child Care Center has had its air conditioning system's copper components and wires stolen repeatedly; so many times in fact, that the owners fear the latest theft could shut them down.

 "I'm very scared," said Pastor Leonard Robinson,  after the most recent theft.

During this latest theft, thieves took out the entire inside of the unit, leaving it gutted. The previous four times, thieves had "only" stripped the unit of some copper, but this time they dismantled the entire unit, leaving the center to face the heat as summer approaches. 
This story, reported on local television stations throughout South Florida, has left many wondering exactly what's happening.
According to reports, the center has already spent thousands of dollars for alarm systems and security. 

Thieves Cause Shut Down of North Carolina Child Care Center

As North Carolina experiences summer heat soaring into the 100's, one Fayetsville child care center has been forced to shut down after thieves rendered the air conditioners useless by stripping them of their copper wiring.

The theft occurred over the weekend and went undiscovered until employees walked into the hot building on Monday morning.

Both Paul Davis, owner of the center, and the parents who are scrambling to make arrangements for child care, are understandably angry.

"It's upsetting and pathetic,” said Felicia Cardoza, a parent.

"To me, I just thought that was really sorry of somebody to do that,” said Olivia Hair, a parent.

Law and Ordinance

Local building codes (ordinances and laws) control what can be built; where it can be built and how it must be built. These codes vary from township to
township and they change over time. As construction materials and practices improve, the tougher building codes and ordinances become. The purpose of the laws is to make our buildings safer and better able to withstand natural disasters. However, these local building ordinances and laws can leave you holding the bag after an insurance claim.

In order to illustrate the potential gaps in coverage please join me in reviewing an entirely fictional claim. My fictional school is Beth’s Child Care Academy; Beth and Steven are the owners of this school.

It was a Sunday night at about 2am when the hot water heater burst into flames and my school began to burn. My school is 10 years old but I have a great alarm system installed. The fire department was on the scene within 10 minutes and after an hour of battling the fire, put it out.

In the cold light of day, on Monday morning I was able to assess the damage and it appeared that about 70% of my school had been destroyed. I called my insurance agent and reported the claim. Once the claim adjuster met with me I was able to start interviewing contractors to get my school rebuilt.

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