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Your Contract and Parent Handbook Are Key

Anyone who has been in the child care business for any length of time has discovered there are more problems with parents than with children.
Not all parents, of course, but there are those who can become major aggravations.
Which is why you are advised to have an absolutely clear contract and an all inclusive policy handbook. The clearer and more inclusive, the less likelihood of any misunderstandings and the fewer problems you're likely to have.
Because it is always easier to make things clear from the outset than to have to go back and add or change things, you should give considerable thought to your contract and policy handbook and make them as thorough and detailed as possible.

The Importance of Blocks

Modern research supports the idea that play is the language of very young children and the way they learn new things. Because of this many parents, child educators and caretakers wonder what toys are best for learning.

Since play is how they learn, it is important that children be provided with toys that can teach them about shapes, color, function, and texture.
One of the most common toys given to children turns out to be one of the best - blocks. Regardless of their coloration, size or packaging, their use is the same – construction and building. Many other skills can also be learned playing with blocks such as counting, arranging, and organizing.
Furthermore, according to researchers, playing with blocks enhances the understanding of spatial concepts and the development of language for them.

Tips For  Making First Days Easier

Nowhere is it written that a child's first day at child care or pre-school will be fantastic. However, with planning, the transition will be easier for the child.
It's not hard to empathize with a child's first day. We all know the feeling of starting a new endeavor and not knowing what to expect or anyone involved. Until new routines and relationships are established, you feel out of place.
A child feels that same way, but without understanding why her parents have to go to work or why she has to go to this strange new place.
Extra attention and effort during a child's first few days helps promote the sense of security the child needs to be comfortable.
Here are some tips on making a child's first day go well.

100 Children's Games You Already Know

Every child care provider realizes the importance of play and games for young children and the many benefits they provide.

Games help children develop a host of cognitive and motor skills while learning about competition, co-operation, patience and proper social interaction.

However, over the course of a school year, both the teachers and students can become bored with "the same old games".

Perhaps the importance of children's games is demonstrated by just how many of them there are. As you look over the list of children's games below, you will likely be surprised at how many you know and haven't thought of in years. Some few may require a google search due to their unfamiliarity (personally, I had never heard of Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves or Pickle).

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