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Low and No Cost Field Trips


Children love going to new places and doing new things. Below, you’ll find some ideas on how to incorporate field trips into your program at little to no cost.

Many local libraries host storytime for youngsters. These programs are held regularly and offer stories, music, rhymes, and sometimes crafts. Aside from there being little to no charge for these programs and the fact that they are a special outing for the children, it acquaints them with a library has to offer.

Children love to explore and learn new things. Why not introduce them to the world outside with a nature walk? Find a local walking trail, or create a trail of your own. To add to the fun, change your nature walk into a scavenger hunt. Create a list of things for the children to try and spot while out walking. This will give you ample things to discuss with the children after th walk. There are tremendous opportunities for learning in nature and they are right outside your door.

An App for Child Development

When data revealed that parents were texting or tweeting to find answers to child development questions, the Nebraska Departments of Education and Health and Human Services' developed the Staying on Track App.

Accessible by smart phone, laptop or computer, the App allows a caregiver to track a child's development and see if they are reaching various benchmarks for infants or toddlers. The App can also be used to find free resources and assistance.

While there are normative timelines for child development, and the App provides them, caregivers are advised to remember that not all children develop at the same pace.

The App provides timelines for specific developmental milestones in intellectual, language, motor, social and emotional development.

Free Stuff For Child Care Providers

Everyone loves free stuff. If you doubt that, try offering something free to your clients and see how long before the items disappear.

Of course, when you can get things for free that are useful or necessary to run your facility, there's more profit left in your pocket.

The following websites either offer free items to child care providers, or guide you to those who do.

These sites are certainly worth a look and you are likely to be be quite surprised at just how many things are available at no cost.

7 Things That Hamper Optimal Child Development

Evey child care provider and educator should want to encourage children's development to its fullest extent.

With that in mind, here are seven things that can hamper or derail your best intentions, both for the children and your business.

High Child-to-Staff Ratio - Everything child care should provide - not only socialization and development, but safety and supervision - suffers when there are too many children and too few adults.

Crowded and/or Chaotic Environment - a stress inducing situation for all involved, often caused by high child-to-staff ratios.

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