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Mother Arrested For Assault At Child Care

Around 11 AM on a Monday morning a woman whose parental rights were revoked was arrested for attacking employees with a fire extinguisher at a Gainesville child care center.

According to the Gainesville Police Department (GDP), Sharetta Renae Robinson, 34, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, battery and child abuse, among other charges.

The police report states that Robinson walked into the La Petite Academy to see her 1-year-old son but, because of a court order forbidding her from seeing him, was told to leave by two employees who recognized her .

GPD spokesman Officer Ben Tobias said Robinson received a court notice earlier in the year advising her that if she didn’t attend a hearing March 5, she would lose her parental rights. Robinson failed to show up and a magistrate issued an order prohibiting her from seeing her son.

Child Care Helps Prevent Leukemia and Other Cancers

According to studies conducted in the United States and Great Britain, sending children to child care lowers their risks of developing leukemia and other cancers. Leukemia is the most common childhood cancer in the industrialized world.

Dr. Patricia Buffler, professor of epidemiology at the University of California, Berkeley, has found that young children who attended daycare had a 30 percent lower risk of developing leukemia.http://http://www.wral.com/lifestyles/healthteam/story/2898308/

In Britain the UK Childhood Cancer Study (UKCCS), a 15-year-long study tracking 11,000 children, over 1700 of whom suffered with leukemia, also determined that attending child care lowered the risks for infants and children to develop leukemia and other cancers.

It found that increased levels of social activity outside the home reduced the risk for all children studied, but this cut in risk was greatest in children who attended formal child care during their first three months of life. http://http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn7301-infant-daycare-helps-prevent-childhood-leukaemia.html


The studies theorize that infants' and children's immune systems are strengthened by fighting off the common colds and flus they pick up from one another in social settings - in other words at child care. Children with strengthened immune systems are less likely to develope leukemia and other cancers. Its strange to think that those colds and coughs children share with one another at child care are providing the kids with protection against these deadly diseases, but the studies prove it.

Celebrity Dinner, Auction - An Innovative Way To Fund Child Care

Child Care of Southwest Florida, Inc., a private non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality child care services throughout Southwest Florida, has come up with an innovative way to raise funds for child care. They have enlisted the aid of local celebrities, business and community leaders, corporations and politicians for a celebrity waiter dinner and auction.

At a celebrity waiter dinner, guests ask the celebrity waiter at their table to serve their meals and perform "extra duties" in exchange for additional tips.

The celebrities will don their aprons and work for tips at the Second Annual Stars for Kids Celebrity Waiter Dinner and Auction benefiting Child Care of Southwest Florida Inc. The evening will also include both a silent and a live auction.

Michigan Child Care's Garden Feeds Both Body and Mind

A few years ago the kids at Lori Boeve's Holland Rescue Mission child care rarely ate fresh fruit and vegetables. Some had never seen a pineapple.

Today, the children are learning how to plant and raise their own fruits and vegetables. And they can all tell you about pineapple, starfruit and kiwi.

Their new found knowledge of nutrition and agriculture began two years ago when Fruit for Friends, a volunteer program started by Anna Bonnema in 2009, began dropping off fruit and vegetables at the day care two to three times per week.

Two years later, the program has proved so beneficial, Bonnema, Boeve and the kids have started an on-site garden. The garden is the brainchild of Bonnema and her triplet daughters, who developed the idea together.

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