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Giving Parents Confidence In You

Choosing a child care provider is one of the most important yet anxiety-ridden decisions parents of a small child can make and nothing is a higher priority for them than being certain of their child's safety.

So it follows that the more confident you can make parents feel about your ability to safeguard their children, the more clients you will have.

Here are some ways to make parents feel confident and certain that their child is safe with you when they drop them off for the day.

During the interview process take all the time the parent needs and assure them that they can't ask enough questions.

Tell them about your curriculum, routines, staff-to-children ratio and how many kids per classroom.

Invite the parent to sit in and observe classroom and other activities.

Be certain your environment, indoors and out, is clean and safe.

If you are an in-home provider, point out how you have child-proofed your home.

Lastly, these following five items are crucial for parents, so be sure to discuss them:

  1. That you are licensed and regulated by the state.
  2. That you have a clean record for health and safety violations.
  3. That your teachers or caregivers have proper training and experience.
  4. That your references check out.
  5. That you are patient and engaged with the children.
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