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Giving Parents Confidence In You

Choosing a child care provider is one of the most important yet anxiety-ridden decisions parents of a small child can make and nothing is a higher priority for them than being certain of their child's safety.

So it follows that the more confident you can make parents feel about your ability to safeguard their children, the more clients you will have.

Here are some ways to make parents feel confident and certain that their child is safe with you when they drop them off for the day.

Behaviors That Stall Your Progress

Careers rarely follow a straight line. Most of us, at some time, falter or experience a stall.

Take an honest evaluation of yourself to see if you're guilty of any of these common career killing behaviors. They can mean the difference between a rise or fall at work.

If you recognize your own behaviors here, make it your mission to change them — before you have to. In time, you’re likely to see your career rise from a standstill.

Are You The Chief Cook And Bottle Washer?

The State Department of Labor believed a school owner was not paying proper wages to the staff.  So, an agent was sent to the business to investigate.

State Agent: "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them.”

School Owner: "Well, there's Sally, she is my infant teacher.  I pay her $10 an hour plus free room and board. 

Then there's Patty, she teaches my 2 year olds.  I pay her $9.50 an hour and Lucy teaches the three year olds.  She makes $9.70 an hour. 

Positively Effects Overall Health And Executive Function

Recent research by child educators and specialists in child development have demonstrated the positive impact of outdoor play (frequently referred to by researchers as "playing in nature") and free play.
Researchers at Michigan State University who focused on children playing and learning in nature found profound effects on children's overall well-being. Outdoor play can be attributed to creativity, better cognitive skills, lower obesity rates and a whole host of other beneficial reasons - so much so that doctors are actually prescribing “time in nature” to their patients.
Additionally, recent studies indicate that not only nature, but letting children have free play has a big impact on their overall health and the development of executive function.

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